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Save on Waste Disposal Costs with a PEL Baler, Bin Compactor or Bottle Crusher

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Silage Wrap Baler

PEL Silage Wrap balers: Allows farmers to keep silage wrap baled neatly.

About Silage Wrap Baler


The PEL agricultural range of silage wrap balers allows farmers to keep silage wrap baled neatly. The baled wrap is easy to store, no wrap blowing around yards and no wrap to provide shelter for vermin.


The linkage mounted balers are powered directly by the tractor.

Compact size

Easy to load

3 Point linkage or stand alone

Bale Full Indicator


PEL Silage Wrap Baler (download pdf)



Tractor mounted baler: The baler is powered directly by the tractor. Users can opt for 3 point linkage or stand along balers.

700 Tractor baler

The tractor baler is weather resistant and the retaining claws help to prevent spring back.

Silage wrap 4 sizes available

There are 4 sizes of the silage wrap baler available: -200 Baler will holds 40 - 50 wraps - 700 Baler will holds 60 - 80 wraps - 1500 Baler will holds 150 - 190 wraps


Silage Wrap Baler



Where to Use It

Silage Wrap Baler


The silage wrap balers can be used throughout the agricultural sector: It is use

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